Iran Takes Legal Action Against Opposition Commanders

Residents legal costs continue to rise

In this Aug. 17, 1961, photo, Jacqueline Kennedy and her Cape Cod neighbor Bunny Mellon step into the lobby of the Colonial Theatre in Boston during intermission of Noel Coward’s new musical “Sail Away.” Mellon, a wealthy arts and fashion patron, friend of first lady Jacqueline Kennedy and political benefactor who funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to former presidential candidate John Edwards that was used to hide his mistress, died Monday, March 17, 2014. She was 103. In 2011, amid uprisings in the Arab world, the two together with Mousaviis partner were placed under home arrest.
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Artiles also joined the December meeting of the Inhabitants Board of Governors and prompted it to pullback in the legal fights.
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